Christ the King Participates in Parramatta Eisteddfod

The City of Parramatta Eisteddfod commenced on the 11th of May this year, and continues each weekend until the 30th June.

I am so proud of all of the children who have worked so hard to prepare for this event. For most of the children this is a new experience for them, and their confidence to stand before a crowd to recite a poem, read an extract or perform a mime has been commendable.

All of the children have done so well, with the following prizes being awarded so far:

Emma B (Year 1) – Encouragement Award and Highly Commended

Dylan A (Year 1) – Highly Commended

Maya M (Year 1) – Highly Commended

Kenzie B (Year 1) – 4th Place

Jasmin C (Year 6) – Highly Commended and Highly Commended

Jack R (Year 2) – 1st Place

Hamish M (Year 2) – Highly Commended

Ben T (Year 2) – Highly Commended

Ethan H (Year 2) – Encouragement Award

Katia S (Year 2) – 4th Place

Olivia L (Year 2) – 1st Place

Alannah A (Year 2) – Highly Commended

Charlotte B (Year 2) – Encouragement Award

Georgia B (Year 2) – 1st Place

Hamish M (Year 6) – Highly Commended

Finn T (Year 6) – Highly Commended

Sarah D (Year 3) – Encouragement Award

Jennah B (Year 3) – Highly Commended

Emma M ( Year 6) – 2nd Place

Olivia S (Year 6) – Highly Commended

Click here to see a gallery of photos so far.

We wish the children who are yet to perform all the best. Another update on results will be given in two weeks. If your child is performing, please email a photo of your child after their event to:

Happy performing!

Mrs Danielle Atkinson