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What We Offer


Christ the King school is an integral part of the local parish community. Students are involved in the preparation of whole-school and class liturgies and celebrations. The parish also offers children the chance to participate in sacramental programs, liturgies and celebrations.

Dedicated Staff

Our staff is made up of highly-trained, experienced teachers, with a caring and enthusiastic outlook. Areas taught by our specialist teachers include: library and information skills, Physical Education, Special Education, Literacy Support, Music and enrichment.


Our well-resourced library is coordinated by a qualified teacher/librarian.  All students have the opportunity for weekly lessons, borrowing, skills development and information research.  It has a central role in our school.  It is fully utilised as a learning centre which supports the teaching programs in the classrooms. Our library collection is extensive and very well equipped with information technology.


Our dedicated Parents and Friends Association have raised funds to provide classroom and library technology.

All students in the school have access to technology, with laptops and/or iPads in every classroom. We have access to the internet and the global exchange of information.  Other technology features used in classrooms include:

  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Ceiling mounted data projectors
  • Apple TV and large TV screens
  • Cameras and video cameras
  • Subscription use of Mathletics and Reading Eggs interactive programs
  • Latest software

Other features

Other resources and facilities include:         

  • Basketball/netball court
  • Large surfaced playgrounds and a synthetic turf oval
  • A special turfed area for Kindergarten which includes playground equipment
  • A large range of sports equipment
  • Musical instruments
  • Before and after school care provided by COSHC
  • Transport buses- at school gate
  • Car pick up / Drive through
  • Band and Choir
  • School hall ( For indoor activities)
  • Close proximity to parish church

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